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by Ben Waterbury on 03/16/17

Thank god spring has sprung! 

Call is today to set up a free no hassle quote on lawn work

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Fall clean-up!!

by Ben Waterbury on 08/24/13

Fall is on the way!!! Contact J&B Services for all of your fall clean-up needs. (203) 808-2173

Thanks for voting J&B Services number 1 landscaper in Southbury!

by Ben Waterbury on 08/26/12

Big thanks to Everyone who voted  J&B Services the best landscaper in Southbury 2012!

Summer is coming to a close :(

by Ben Waterbury on 08/24/12

Well guys summer is about over, Its sad i know, the kids are back to school, and the nights are getting colder, and soon enough it will be snowing.

We want to remind you that fall time is right around the corner, So start thinking about fall clean-ups as well as any Grass seeding you may want done this fall.

Call J&B Services Landscaping for all of your fall time needs.

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by Ben Waterbury on 03/22/12

Spring is finally here! Sign up today for all of you're landscaping needs, Hurry tho Spots are filling up fast so don't delay.

Serving Southbury and surrounding towns.

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Spring is coming fast!

by Ben Waterbury on 02/03/12

With this winter fastly coming to an end and spring right around the corner, Take advantage of signing up early for all of your spring and summer needs.

Let J&B Services Landscaping Plus LLC worry about all of your lawn care needs.

Serving Southbury CT 06488 and surrounding towns.

Commercial/Residential Snow Plowing&Sanding

by Ben Waterbury on 11/29/11

Call Today For all of your Commercial&Residential Snow plowing needs in Southbury CT and surrounding towns. Spots are filling up fast!! (203)808-2173

Why The Fall Season Is Usually The Best Time To Plant Grass Seed

by Ben Waterbury on 10/24/11

 The hot temperatures of summer are past. This makes it easier to keep the seed moist during germination. The young plants have better growing conditions without extreme heat.

Most of the weeds that compete with grass are dead and diseases are under control for the rest of the year. Weed and disease chemicals cannot be sprayed on new grass without injuring or killing it.

The new grass will have the fall and spring seasons to mature before facing all the stress of summer heat, traffic, competition, mowing, inappropriate watering, diseases, etc.

Planting in fall avoids several springtime problems: cool soil temperatures delay germination, soil may be too moist to prepare, weeds dominate the early growing months. Higher percentages of seed germination are likely since soil temperature and moisture levels are more favorable or can be controlled more readily.

If you have any questions about Fall Seeding Call J&B Services Landscaping Plus. (203)808-2173

Serving Southbury CT and surrounding towns.  

Snow is on the way, So call today! Southbury CT

by Ben Waterbury on 10/17/11

Don't be caught off guard last minute looking for a reliable plow company. Call J&B Services today And let us take care of your Residential&Commercial Snow Removal. (203) 808-2173

Serving Southbury CT and surrounding towns.

The Leaves are falling!! Southbury CT

by Ben Waterbury on 10/17/11

Now is the time of year to think about Fall clean-ups! Call today and let J&B Services Landscaping Plus Take care of those pesky fall leaves. (203) 808-2173

Serving Southbury CT and surrounding towns.

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